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Benefits for Students

Secure Environment

Your safety is important to us! Top Music Teachers are encouraged to undergo background checks and have their credentials verified. Look for icons on teacher profiles indicating they have completed these steps.

Your Preferred Location

Visit a teacher's studio in your neighbourhood, or take your lessons in the convenience of your own home. The choice is yours!

Competitive Rates

Traditional music schools charge a premium of up to 60% on top of teachers' fees to cover their overhead costs. Since Top Music Teachers eliminates the costs associated with a physical location, we can pass on the savings to you!

Fair Cancellation Policy

We know life can be complicated. That's why lessons can always be cancelled or rescheduled at no extra charge with 48 hours notice.

Convenient Lesson Packages

Choose a single-payment lesson package or contact admin if you preferred to be enrolled in recurring lessons for added convenience. No cheques, no hassles.

User Testmionials

The best measure of great teaching is happy students. Read what students have to say on our Teacher Profile pages

Progress Reports

Our teachers upload electronic progress reports periodically so you can easily track your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Comprehensive Learning Network

With Top Music Teachers a well-rounded musical education is only a click away! We offer lessons in music theory, history and composition as well as all instruments.

Here is How It Works

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1. Sign Up

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Set your own schedule and lesson rates.
Profiles will be published after verification by Top Music Teachers.

Enhance Profile

3. Enhance your profile

Get your credentials verified and complete a background check. Students are 75% more likely to register with a teacher who has completed these steps.

Get Students

4. Get Students

Receive requests for lessons that have already been paid for. No false leads!

Benefits for Teachers

It's Free

There's no cost to posting your profile on Top Music Teachers. We deduct a 15% service fee from lessons booked with you.

Set Your Own Rates

You decide how much to charge for each service you offer.

Set Your Own Schedule

Our simple online calendar allows you to determine your own availability and revise it when you need to.

Choose Where You Teach

With Top Music Teachers you can decide to teach in students' homes, at your own studio, or both. Students requesting in-home lessons are charged an additional fee per lesson that you set to cover your travel time and expenses.

Get More Students

Take advantage of our extensive student network and publicity to promote your teaching profile and attract more students.

We Handle The Payments

Let us take care of the payments and administrative headaches so you can focus on teaching!

Fair Cancellation Policy

At Top Music Teachers we believe your time is precious! Our cancellation policy protects teachers from last-minute cancellations.

Get Paid On Time

Top Music Teachers are paid twice per month by direct deposit. No more chasing students for payments, no cheques, no hassles.

Extensive Profile

Help us sell you! Fill out your biography, teaching philosophy, and educational background to give students a full picture of who you are and how you teach.