Music Education

Hello Top Music Teachers’ students, teachers and friends!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my online udemy course, “Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety”. After two decades of research, personal experience and helping students deal with performance anxiety, I organized my recommendations into this practical course. The 25 short lectures and exercises will come in at a little more than one hour of content. My goals with this course are to help you:

Become a more confident performer
Develop your own pre-performance strategies and routine
Enjoy more fulfilling performances
Become a healthier and happier performer
Transform perform anxiety into performance excitement!

In celebration of the course’s launch, I’m offering a discount for the students and fans of the Top Music Teachers website. Use this coupon code and pay only $25 (original price is $47). What are you waiting for? Transform anxiety into performance excitement!

Check out my promo video on youtube! Thanks for your interest and have fun on stage!

Luciane Cardassi